Selecting a Dentist for Your Special Needs Child

Finding a compassionate pediatric dentist in your area can be a tall order. For parents of children with special needs, this mission can be especially challenging. In addition to receiving comprehensive treatment, these patients often require more time to become accustomed to routine dental visits and may require a more thorough explanation of dental procedures and at-home oral hygiene. When looking for an experienced specialist to work with your loved one, consider the following:

Accessibility: Being able to get into the operatory is often the first step to receiving professional dental care. Depending on your loved one’s needs, wheelchair access to the office and large examination rooms can be important pre-requisites to visiting the dentist.

Pre-Treatment Consultations: For many individuals with special needs, becoming comfortable in a dentist’s office can require one or several pre-treatment visits in order to become familiar with the dental team and equipment. At Family Dental Associates of NJ, we encourage parents and caretakers to bring their loved one into our Hackensack dental practice for these pre-appointments. These preliminary visits also provide our special needs-experienced dentists with the opportunity to better understand your child’s needs and develop strategies for taking care of their smile at home. 

Tailored Appointments: Similar to any other patient, preventive dental care is a critical component of ensuring lasting dental health and function. However, special needs patients often require additional TLC during their appointment to ensure they receive proper care and that all existing and potential dental problems are addressed. At our Hackensack dental practice, appointments for special needs patients are lengthened to accommodate questions and anxieties that may occur during your child’s appointment. 

Sedation: At Family Dental Associates of NJ, our mission is to provide comfortable, positive experiences for all of our patients. Whether your child suffers from dental anxiety, requires several treatments during their visit, or has a difficult time remaining still during their visit, dental sedation can help your loved one relax during their appointment. Our Hackensack dental team works closely with a dental anesthesiologist who offers several different treatment options tailored to your child’s needs.  

Follow-Up Care: For parents of special needs patients, at-home oral hygiene is a critical part of maintaining your child’s long-term oral health. By partnering with parents and pediatricians, our Hackensack pediatric dentist is able to help parents better understand their child’s oral health needs and implement effective techniques at home to keep their smiles healthy between appointments. In the event of a dental emergency, we encourage parents to bring in their child as soon as possible so we can treat their smile. 

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At Family Dental Associates of NJ, Dr. Agnes Barbagallo has specialized training working with children as well as special needs patients. Through her hands-on approach to preventive dental care, our Hackensack pediatric dentist is dedicated to helping all patients achieve healthy, lasting smiles. For more information about our practice and available accommodations for patients with special needs, contact our team today

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