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Pediatric Dentist in Hackensack, NJ

Lifelong oral health begins with learning the proper hygiene skills in childhood. At Family Dental Associates of NJ, we are proud to offer comprehensive preventive treatment tailored to meet the unique needs of children’s smiles. Our Hackensack pediatric dentist Dr. Jessica Listwa  is dedicated to helping children as well as patients with special needs receive effective dental care in a comfortable environment. 

The Importance of Children’s Dentistry

Many of the experiences and habits patients associate with dentistry are created during childhood. As a result, providing children with a comfortable environment where they can feel safe receiving dental care is a crucial element of ensuring future oral health and proper hygiene. Often, children who become accustomed to the idea of routine dental visits and daily oral hygiene care are more likely to seek dental attention in the event of an emergency, maintain consistent oral hygiene into adulthood, and are less likely to develop dental anxiety or phobias. 

Our Approach to Children’s Dentistry

At Family Dental Associates of NJ, our Hackensack pediatric dentist takes a non-threatening, friendly approach to children’s dentistry. We recommend parents bring their children in for their initial appointment when their first tooth emerges. During this early appointment, Dr. Listwa helps parents understand how hygiene and diet affects the development of their child’s teeth as well as dental health. 

As your child’s smile continues to develop, our dentist continues to monitor the dentition for changes as well as the onset of dental conditions. By keeping a close eye on your child’s smile, Dr. Barbagallo is able to identify future dental needs, such as orthodontics or wisdom teeth extraction and create treatment plans to ensure continued oral health as their teeth transition from primary teeth to their permanent smile.

Keeping your child’s smile healthy goes beyond monitoring and preventive care. In addition to preventive sealants and fluoride rinses, our dental practice also offers a number of age-appropriate restorative treatments, including fillings and crowns. To ensure young patients remain comfortable during more extensive procedures, Family Dental Associates of NJ also offers sedation dentistry for children. By working with a specialized anesthesiologist, sedation treatment plans are a safe option for nervous children, individuals who have difficulty sitting for a long time, as well as patients undergoing extensive dentistry.  

Dental Care for Special Needs

In addition to providing extensive dental care for children, Dr. Listwa also works closely with children, teens, and adults with special needs. By creating a dental home for these patients, our team works to promote positive dental experiences and improve lifelong oral health. 

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Serving patients from Hackensack and the surrounding communities, Family Dental Associates of NJ is committed to helping patients of all ages achieve lifelong dental health and function. For more information about our child-friendly services, please contact our Hackensack children’s dentist today.